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Bully Affiliated LLC holds a very high standard for any possible client. Our clients are a reflection of our business. We can refuse the right to sell a puppy to anyone. Hurricane Bloodline Puppies are the true definition of the American Bully Breed. Deposits can be made online for your possible future puppy.

Trained Adult Dogs 

$7,500 - $15,000

Membership Payment

Bully Affiliated LLC also offers completely Trained adult dogs for clients that may not have the time to train their puppy, yet want to still experience the ownership of a Hurricane Bloodline Dog.

Membership includes:

- K9 training lead

- K9 Training Club T-shirt

- Basic on leash training / Heel, sit, stay, come, down

- Advanced off leash training / This training will refine the basic obedience commands with distractions

- 24 hour phone access to Master k9 trainer Ty Deener for K9 training questions

- Weekly training sessions every Saturday/Sunday(NOON - 3PM)

- Location of training sessions: Downtown Sarasota, FL - Payne Park

Benefits of Joining Bully Affiliate's K9 Training Club:

- A trained dog is a happy dog & a happy home

- Build LIFELONG friendships with other responsible dog owners 

All BREED dog training

Bully Affiliated LLC

Join Bully Affiliate's   K9 Training Club!  $50 monthly Fee